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A+++++ from a drone addict:)

First and foremost, shcarkspark is a wonderful company with unsurpassed customer service that stands behind their products and strives for complete customer satisfaction.
This being said, in my opinion all of their products (including the ss40 wasp) are superb for their price point. The technology is amazing and usable. Unlike other drones the wasp does what it claims. It is a very light toygrade drone that boasts a 1080p video capture using the udigps app. The app works relatively well depending on your environment and the present interferences. There is no sd card therefore the footage is cached on the app in 1080 with minamal frame skipping (unlike other toy grade fpv). The footage is clear and the color is impressive. As the other drones scharkspark produces the wasp flies well and precise. The controller is similar to the dji spark controller although not as sturdy (as expected with this price point.)
I highly recommend this drone as either a first drone or a gift to someone wanting to get into the hobby. Be sure to take advantage of the free battery (crash kit) offered by scharkspark using your Amazon order number. It's free and will be shipped with lightning speed.
I look forward to flying future models that sharkspark has in the works as I have come to expect very good things out of this brand. Ps ...unlike other companies, scharkspark serves customers out of the good old USA for us living here. This means no communication barriers and prompt easily understood support.