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Great innovation UFO Drone

This was definitely a surprise delightful flying toy for my son. I simply toss it in the air and the propellors will then begin to spin. It flys itself, slowly rotating like a flying saucer, avoiding anything within 2 feet away, perfect for indoor flying. My 8 year old rarely fly a radio control quadcopter but this flying saucer captivate his interest, just using gesture to control.

The propeller stops when the quadcopter is inverted or bumped, so just catch it and flip it over to turn it off. Great design for anyone new to and curious about quadcopters. This infrared obstacle avoidance flying saucer quadcopter will definitely be a hit for all kids and adults as it is safe and easy to fly.

To charge the battery, make sure the plug is all the way into the port until I see a red light, this indicates it is charging. The battery is built-in, so replacing the battery may require a screw driver and solder, but for now we are enjoying this new innovation. I have flown lots of Tiny Whoops racing drones and I am delighted to see that obstacle avoidance has made it’s way into budget drones.