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starsImprovement over the smaller version. Excellent Control

The ScharkSpark Drone has been my first done ever. I got first the smaller version and since I was so delighted about the performance I decided to get the bigger version.

I most say that there is a huge improvements in all areas compared to the smaller size one. Below are the areas:

1- Hovering - The Larger size can hover with less drift and it more stable.
2- Remote Layout - The layout on the controller is excellent. This simulates more a console remote.
3- Control - The lager and the smaller version are extremely easy to control. I believe this is where the larger shines even more, since the power is higher and the stability is better but the maneuverability was not sacrifice.
4- Battery - Similarly to the smaller version the larger version comes with two battery packs however, this larger version pack is better because it comes on it own enclosure and it is charged thru mini USB. This is a great improvement.

In summary, this is a great beginner large drone. As its smaller predecessor it is easy to control, fair battery life and durable.

I would recommend this product to people that would like an entry level drone before jumping to the 500 + drones.